Hygiene Tips For Women

Having a great appearance not only does it makes you look splendid, it also makes you feel at your best. In this article,we look at some hygiene tips for women that are necessary to have a clean and healthy life. Let’s get into it.

Cleaning Tips For Ladies

Best Way To Clean “Down There”nkasncknasckasckasnckanckanckancsknkcnascascas

If you didn’t know, the great news is that your vagina does the self-cleaning, it’s part of its function to clean itself. Although best thing to do is use a bit of warm water and gently remove any possible dirt from down there. A cleanser can be utilized with just a mild form of soap. Avoid perfumes because it irritates the area. Use pH-balanced shampoos and try not to overdo the cleansing process because of it imbalances the average growth of bacteria, making it possible to have infections. Do showers instead of baths; the water is full of bacteria, and it will reach your genital region, increasing the risk of urinary tract infection.


Best Way To Clean After Menstrual Period

Naturally, the women body is programmed to clean on its own after menstruation. Some women feel unclean after menstruation and go for douches for cleaning, the problem is that this forces the bacteria to go into the reproductive tract which can produce pelvic inflammatory disease. Other products can produce irritations that lead to infection, such as pads or tampons, it always bests to use unscented products, and use them only when is needed. Use panty liners when you’re spotting it coming, not on every day of the cycle.


Best Way To Wipe

Wipe from the front to back when using the bathroom, not the opposites way. If doing from back to front, it increases the chances of bacteria from the butt region to move into the vaginal area which causes urinary tract infection. Do the same when showering, also try to have clean hands before going to the toilet, especially when you’re in public areas. Hands are exposed to a lot of bacteria, and it’s a significant risk of transmitting them to your vaginal area.


Best Way To Remove Unwanted Hair

This is based on personal prefernkasdckskdcnksnckasncasnkasckckacsascascences, but on which option you chose there are upsides and downsides. Plucking is a safe and inexpensive option and can last for 6-8 weeks, the sad part is uncomfortable, takes a lot of time and may cause skin irritations. Waxing, just like plucking, this removes in complete removal of hair, and it’s not expensive. Same lasting time, the wrong side of it, this one is very uncomfortable and may cause inflammation or scarring.